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This is transformation to the core. Things are changing thick and fast in every sphere of human knowledge. Life to literature, savagery to science, knowledge to ignorance, nostalgia to amnesia, everywhere there are splits and fissures. Life giving force has been taking away the very vitality of life in the name of happiness and progress. All these things are amply reflected in the pages of newspapers and screens of electronic gadgets every now and then. Appreciation of good has also given rise to recognition of ugliness. This globalized ever changing society cannot rule out this fact. From Coca Cola to Magi, from non-vegetarianism to vegetarianism, from bed rest to Yoga are some of the pointers to this fact. So much is being done today to promote humanism and material welfare by both individual and world bodies. These and these things, all a part of what we think or do today.

Against this backdrop efforts have been made to accommodate different perspectives of writers and scholars in different walks of life to indicate the direction, we are heading forward. Being trilingual in nature ‘Jaljali’ aspires to fulfil the needs of local, national and international issues embodying diversity of subjects and schools. With the passage of time this journal intends to adopt multi-lingual approaches to accommodate polyglots. The restructuring of world order would invariably usher in a new era of conflict and compromise for a stable, progressive and peaceful coexistence. When we look forward to the day of establishing settlement on the Mars there is no point of quarreling over these petty matters. The thinkers and researchers are urged to put their heads together to resolve the innumerable problems that the modern life has offered. In this respect, ‘Jaljali’ would go a long way in creating an atmosphere of faith and goodwill. Let knowledge and peace dawn on human horizons and the choice of survival should replace the choice of annihilation. With a cordial and corrective environment let us direct all our endeavours to achieve ‘vasudeva kutum bakam’.


N. C. Bhoi


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