Poverty and Livelihood: Livelihood Transformation and the Widening of Rural-Urban Disparity

Dilip Kumar Saha Abstract: Settlements in most parts of the world are differentiated on the basis of population, occupation, social infrastructure or amenities and consumption patterns. In India the classification of settlements is done by the census organizations as rural and urban. This rural urban dichotomy in India like other developing countries is related to […]

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The Biodiversity Hotspot of Eastern Himalayas and Its Conservation: A Case Study with Special Reference to Goalpara Forest Division in Assam

Nazrul Islam Abstract: “Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms from all sources including inter-alia, terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and ecological complexes of which they are a part.” – The Convention of Biological Diversity (1992) Click here to print/download PDF of this research paper Introduction Norman Myers introduced the term ‘biodiversity’ in 1988. […]

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Some Important Markets and Trade Centres in India

Dr. Rofiqul Hassan Abstract: From the ancient time markets and trade centres have played a pivotal role in the daily society as well as agriculture sector. After harvesting the farmers take the crops to a fixed place as they sell the crops at that place. Thus the concept of market was originated from the ancient […]

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