Sericulture in Assam: An Overview

  Anshuman Saikia –  Abstract: Sericulture plays a vital role in uplifting the rural economy of Assam because a large number of populations find employment in the state’s famous muga and eri silk industry. The increasing demand for eri and muga globally has not only given this industry a unique identity but also a scope […]

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Ethnic Violence in Assam: Its Solutions

Dr. Faraz Ali Ahmed Abstract: Assam is a land of multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and multi-religious society. A large number of ethnic and linguistic groups, the population composition and the peopling process in the state have led to it being called “India in miniature” .Many scholars consider it to be the melting pot of diverse races, castes, […]

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A Comparative Study of Academic Climate of Private and Provincialised Schools of Dhubri District, Assam

Hasanur Rahman – Abstract: The present study was undertaken to identify the academic climate of private and provincialised secondary schools of Dhubri district, Assam. For that purpose 100 students of class X were selected randomly from 10 different schools out of which 50 were taken from private schools and remaining 50 were taken from provincialised […]

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