Sadri Language of North Bengal in Crisis: A Thunderclap in Language Diversity

Debabrata Debnath Abstract: Language is the most important communicative tool. The Sadri language is an important tool of communication among the tea labourers of North Bengal. The present study focuses on present situations of the Sadri language in Sadri affected area of North Bengal. The findings show some important issues related to the Sadri language […]

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Problems and Prospects of Rural Development through Panchayat System: A Study with Special Reference to Barpeta District of Assam

Hadayet Ahmed Abstract: India’s bureaucracy never works without greasing its palm. It is our experience that an overwhelming part of our development money goes to the purse of bureaucrats. The same applies to our leadership also. The rural leadership is more than shrewd. It knows the art of grabbing money. In such a situation, what […]

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Sericulture in Assam: An Overview

  Anshuman Saikia –  Abstract: Sericulture plays a vital role in uplifting the rural economy of Assam because a large number of populations find employment in the state’s famous muga and eri silk industry. The increasing demand for eri and muga globally has not only given this industry a unique identity but also a scope […]

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